2 Simple Tips to Optimize Images in WordPress

Image holds strong importance in making a rich, featured content. It enlightens the information and speaks for itself. However, due to its big size, loading a series of big images could burden the site load and slow down the visitors’ experience. Below we will show you simple tips to optimize images in WordPress:

2 Simple Tips to Optimize Images in WordPress

Use Compressed JPEG & PNG Files

tips to Optimize Images in WordPress

JPEG and PNG are two most common image formats found on web sites, and the most optimal formats to be featured on your WordPress posts as well. If your images happen to come in big size, it’s worth noting that you can always compress them before uploading to WordPress media. The JPEG Image Compressor for example, is one of the easiest and versatile solutions to reduce the image size by applying lossy compression, but without losing much quality. And the good thing is, it’s free.

Use Image Optimizer Plugins

Optimize Images in WordPress

There are plenty of image optimizers available on WordPress repository, but one of the most popular is WP Smush.it. However, this plugin lacks on processing images more than 1MB in size – in its free version – therefore you’ll have to upgrade to pro and pay some nice bucks to enjoy the whole features.

The other solution is EWWW Image Optimizer, which essentially offers the same function compared to WP Smush.it. One of the notable features is its ability to reduce images directly from https site. This is sweet since to enjoy these lovely features you don’t have to pay anything.

Otherwise, there are a lot of plugins with slightly different function with technically the same purpose. Some that worth noting is the Lazy Loading, a plugin that reserves your server resources by preserving image load, and will only show the image in pieces whenever you scroll down to where it’s located. You can create some nice effects i.e. fade-in to put the pieces together, making it loads perfectly light. However, this plugin have some compatibility issue with several themes, so make sure you’ve checked it prior to the installation.

Optimize Images in WordPress

These simple tips to optimize images in WordPress will help you to reduce burden on your server by applying some tweak, before and after the upload.

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